Michael Andrew Lambert Jr

I am a multi-disciplinary creative professional with a passion for innovation and expression. As a software engineer, I develop cutting-edge applications and solutions. In the realm of game development, I craft immersive experiences as both a developer and a designer. As a music producer and composer, I create captivating soundscapes that evoke emotion and captivate audiences.

My creative journey extends beyond code and music into the realm of design and art. I excel in both traditional and digital mediums, producing captivating illustrations and intricate game sprites. I also create my own music visualizers, combining audio and visual elements to mesmerize viewers.

As an author, I share my thoughts and experiences through poetry and visual portfolios, inviting readers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery. Additionally, I bring my creative vision to life through clothing design, crafting unique pieces that reflect my eclectic style and artistic flair.

Furthermore, I specialize in creating custom digital brushes, mastering the art of sound design, and exploring a myriad of creative endeavors. My diverse skill set and boundless creativity allow me to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of art, technology, and design.



Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts

Excelsior University - Est. August 2024

Associates of Applied Sciences in Informational Systems

Pierpont Technical and Community College - Est. May 2024

Master of Organizational Leadership

UMass Global - Est. February 2025



Software Engineering Career Track


Certificate: Software Engineer Certificate

700+ hours of hands-on course material, with 1:1 industry expert mentor oversight, and completion of 4 in-depth portfolio projects.

Notable Projects:

Web Development

Rangeview High School

Certificate: Web Development

I excelled in Web Design I & II as well as Java I and Java II, where I mastered PHP, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Going beyond the basics, I incorporated music into my static-era websites and pioneered disjoined rollovers, enhancing user experience and showcasing my commitment to innovative design.

Notable Projects:

** This Website Divinity was originally made with HTML, CSS and ActionScript (Flash) however due to Flash being deprecated I edited it into JavaScript to keep a form of it alive. However the buttons and and animation aren't as smooth as they originally were

Software Engineer

My passion for coding ignited during middle school. It all began with my first line of code in Visual Basic, sparking a journey of continuous learning. Discovering GameMaker further fueled my interest, marking the inception of my game development journey. Delving into GML, I crafted games and honed my skills, even experimenting with TI-BASIC on Texas Instrument calculators.

Formal education introduced me to Web Design I, Web Design II, Java I, and Java II, enriching my proficiency in HTML, CSS, PHP, ActionScript, and Java. Subsequently, I crafted numerous HTML and CSS MySpace themes for local bands, designed portfolio websites for artists, and contributed to projects for non-profits and startups.

While my primary focus shifted towards game development, I recently completed a year-long Software Engineer course to update and refine my skill set, ensuring relevance in today's tech landscape.

Software Engineer Resume


  • VScode
  • Insomnia
  • Postman
  • Postgres


  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • React
  • Node
  • Express
  • Flask
  • Testing in Jest and Jasmine


  • PHP
  • ActionScript
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • Web Design I and II
  • Java I and II

Development Focus

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • Node
  • Express


  • Sketchbook


    This project involves a frontend built with React and a backend using Express. The frontend acts as a digital sketchbook utilizing FabricJs. Users can engage in drawing activities, add various objects such as pencils, erasers, and paperclips, and insert shapes onto the canvas. The application allows users to save their creations, export them as PNG files, or load a randomly generated canvas. This project showcases proficiency in frontend development with React and backend development with Express, as well as integration with libraries like FabricJs for interactive drawing experiences.

  • WebCrawl


    WebCrawl is a project focused on scraping data from three distinct websites: ProDrivers, CPC, and Trillium. The scraped data is then aggregated and displayed in a single coherent data stream. This project highlights the ability to extract and organize data from diverse sources and present it in a unified interface. Notably, this project demonstrates expertise in web scraping techniques and the development of applications that integrate multiple data streams. Version 2 of WebCrawl extends its functionality beyond a single source, illustrating adaptability and versatility in working with varied data sets.
    **This is version v2, version v1 used a cleaner interface and was solely ProDrivers, however they outsourced their data stream so I had to adapt for the cause of this project

JavaScript Projects

  • Memory Game ( | )
  • Jeopardy ( )
  • To-Do List ( | )
  • Fruit Search ( | )
  • Connect Four ( | )
  • Movie Titles ( | )
  • Hack’n’Snooze ( | )
  • Jedi Name ( | )
  • Piano ( | )
  • Giphly ( )
  • Pong 4 ( | )
  • STATIC: The Book of Life ( | )
  • Blue and Yellow ( | )
  • Divinity JS ( | )
  • Myspace Coding ( | )
  • Mobile 2011 ( )
  • Orpheus Records ( )
  • Think About Me Later ( | )

Node.js Projects

  • Markov ( | )

Python Projects

  • Boggle ( | )
  • Forex ( | | )
  • Cupcakes ( | )
  • Warbler ( | )
  • Database DJ ( | )
  • Lucky Number (Live | )

Java Projects

  • Coming Soon

React Projects

  • Coming Soon

iOS Projects

  • Scrum Meeting (
  • )

Game Development

Start Year: 2002


  • Game Maker Studio
  • Game Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Level Design
  • Character Design


  • Game Maker Studio
  • VScode
  • Blender
  • Adobe Photoshop

Game Links


  • A Rocket's Intensity

    Description: Top Down Arcade Shooter

    Platform: PC

    Link: Steam | itch.io

  • The Paper Arcade

    Description: Arcade Collection

    Platform: PC,

    Link: Steam | itch.io

  • AR3NA

    Description: Top Down Sports Arena

    Platform: PC, Android

    Link: Steam | itch.io

  • Xero

    Description: Sidesroll Platform Shooter

    Platform: PC

    Link: Steam | itch.io

  • Avalanca

    Description: Top Down Sports Racer

    Platform: PC

    Link: Steam | itch.io

  • Mana

    Description: Puzzle Battle

    Platform: PC

    Link: Steam | itch.io

Game Maker


    Coming Soon

Gameboy Studio


RPG Maker

    Coming Soon

Music Production

Embark on a musical journey with me.

My passion for music ignited in 2004 when I began experimenting with guitar and digital compositions using FL Studio.

I honed my skills further by embracing the bass guitar, performing regularly with my church youth group band.

In 2008, I co-founded the band "Think About It Later" (Myspace), which amassed two million plays on the platform.


  • Spread Love Like Wildfire [DX] I & II
  • Spread Love Like Wildfire [PX] (Instrumental) I & II

Other Bands

  • 3ichael 7ambert
  • Think About It Later
  • Vertical Takeoff
  • Connect The Dots
  • DeadSexyMikey
  • Red Hail
  • Handicap
  • Miguel Lamberto
  • Loveless September

Mike on de Mic

Welcome to 'Mike on de Mic,' where we embark on artful musical adventures and explore life's rich tapestry through captivating stories and personal experiences. Join me as we dive into the depths of creativity, sharing insights into the world of art, music, and the profound journey of life itself. From soulful melodies to thought-provoking narratives, each episode promises to ignite your imagination and spark meaningful conversations. Tune in to 'Mike on de Mic' for a refreshing blend of art, music, and life's extraordinary moments.

Art & Design

I've been a passionate creator since as far back as I can remember. I believe art is a way of life. Below you can see all my styles of art. I mess with all types of art forms between digital and traditional. ink, graphite, oils, charcoals, realism, stippling, surrealism, impressionism, etc.


Explore my portrait portrait work.

Fine Arts

Discover my various fine arts.


Discover my various fine arts.


Discover my various fine arts.

Discover my various fine arts.

Fine Arts ~ Photography

Discover my various fine arts.

360 Photography

3D Photography


Explore my animations.

360 Animations Playlist: Link to Playlist

360 Animations


Music Visualizers

Digital Assets - Brushes


Digital Assets - Fonts

You may use these for personal use but if you're going to use these for commercial use I distribute these as donationware.

Character Design

Discover my various fcharacter designs.

Game Art

Discover my various fine arts.


Discover my various fine arts.


Memorandum in a Cruet

Embark on an extraordinary literary journey as you immerse yourself in the pages of "Memorandum in a Cruet." This remarkable memoir takes you on a profound exploration of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of storytelling. Through captivating prose and heartfelt reflections, the author unveils the fragments of their life, intricately woven with tales of triumph and tribulation.

Plastic Photography: 2k23 Seattle's Safari
Lambert Jr, Michael Andrew and 7ambert, 3ichael
Memorandum in a Cruet
7ambert, 3ichael and Lambert Jr, Michael, Andrew
Memorandum in a Cruet: Deluxe
Lambert, Michael Andrew and 7ambert, 3ichael
My Drawings from Inktober: 2023
Lambert, Michael Andrew Andrew and 7ambert, 3ichael
Inktober 2023
Lambert, Michael A and 7ambert, 3ichael
Portraitography: Ink'd Artistry of the Female Figu ....
Lambert, Michael Andrew and 7ambert, 3ichael


Corey Shamblin - January 8, 2024

Quick and thought-provoking read!

Thought-provoking poems from different perspectives. I enjoy the creativity in each page and the art that accompanies the poems. Excited to read other works by this Author. At under 200 pages I finished it in just a couple of days and was ready for more!

Deanna - January 8, 2024


Inspiring talented poet that shows passion in their books. Would highly recommend.




Sell custom Procreate and Photoshop brushes, as well as soundfonts and green screen videos.



Sell various merchandise.



Sell various merchandise.



Sell various merchandise.




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